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Friends of Gertrude is a post-modern vaudevillian comedy troupe (so they claim). Aligning themselves with no theme, genre, or style, Friends of Gertrude are like Switzerland, except they’re funny and not a haven for tax evasion. In the pursuit of eliciting irrepressible guffaws, their shows expand beyond traditional sketch and general tomfoolery, incorporating song, dance, and elements of improv (specifically as it pertains to break-dancing). Seeking to keep even their most ADD-riddled fans engaged, they produce high-energy shows with little downtime and a penis joke every now and then to keep everyone happy. After watching Friends of Gertrude perform, audience members have been overheard lavishing such praise as "well, that wasn't not funny," and "what the fuck was that?"

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, November 5

10:00pm EDT